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Trusted PNOĒ Partners

5 Years Experience Successfully Utilizing Equipment

Added Bonuses Just For Watching!

The PNOĒ 3 Step Process Webinar That Will Fast Track Your ROI, Retention, & Client Satisfaction In Less Than 15 Minutes! 

how we retain clients & grow our business with PNOĒ 

What is PNOĒ?

PNOĒ is an advanced clinical grade metabolic analyzer that provides breath-by-breath analysis, the highest recorded accuracy among portable devices, uses real-time connectivity, and runs on any device.  PNOĒ is the world’s first software that automatically analyzes metabolic information to provide an in depth analysis of heart, lung, muscular, and neuromuscular function in real time.  PNOĒ has easy setup and calibration in under one minute! What's more than that, PNOĒ is a business growth & retention power house for businesses like yours and mine. 


Is PNOE right for my business?

PNOE is designed for businesses that want to provide accurate, medial grade science, and data to their patients, clients, and/or customers. PNOE is designed to be fast, efficient, and provide you with the tools to properly analyze and provide real-time data to the subject. Here's just a few business markets that have seen results with customer satisfaction, retention, and growth using the PNOE system. 

  • Gyms & Fitness Centers

  • Chiropractic Offices

  • Medical Practitioners 

  • Health&Wellness Testing Facilities

  • Cryotherapy & Recovery

  • Athletic Testing 

  • & More!

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Expand Your Business With Our Ecosystem of Services

PNOĒ is much more than just clinical grade metabolic analysis. It comes with a wide range of services that give your customers a complete workout and nutrition journey that’s hyper-personalized and based on their metabolic profile. Use our revenue calculator to see how PNOĒ’s services can significantly increase your business.

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What We'll Share With You In This FREE Webinar 

  1. How To Setup PNOĒ For Success

  2. What We Wish We Knew In The Beginning

  3. Why PNOĒ Bullet Proofed Our Business & Increased Retention


Who Is Leading The Webinar?

Kate Caines & Max Finkbeiner are the founders of, and full-time trainers at TickerFitness Ann Arbor, MI. With combined decades of experience, Max & Kate know their fitness testing equipment. 


"Our mission has always been to provide transparent data and result driven services. We believe in science based accurate measurements. Our Clients deserve nothing less!"

A million-dollar lab in a suitcase

The PNOĒ metabolic analysis system brings you the level of personalization in nutrition and workout that was previously only available to Olympians.

By analyzing 12 biomarkers in your breath, PNOĒ measures your heart, lung, and cellular fitness, how "fast" your metabolism is, your fat-burning efficiency, and how your breath affects your posture and brain. All with clinical-grade

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