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About Ticker

Ticker Fitness Is an Ann Arbor based fitness and mentorship gym.


We focus on long term results at your pace. Our community has been active for nearly 10 years in the Ann Arbor area. 

We offer a powerhouse of personalized workouts and trainers. We provide daily classes, assessments, 1-on-1 training and more! Book your consult now!

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Ticker Fitness Training & Mentorship

Ticker Fitness Training & Mentorship

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Why Ticker?

Ticker allows you to do more work with less effort.


Training to increase aerobic capacity over time allows standard functional fitness movements to be performed at a controlled pace, focusing on technique. As the body adapts and becomes more efficient at sourcing and using energy, you will achieve more reps at a higher weight and faster pace with a lower heart rate. This capacity means less strain and stress on your mind and body and leads to greater performance and improved health markers!

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