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“Since I started Ticker, I know I am a way better husband, father, and teacher than I’ve been in a long time, I have a greater ability to give more of myself to the people I love.”


What's missing at your gym?

Camaraderie and community is hard to find in a gym. Not at Ticker. Group classes and our ever-growing member list is exactly the motivation you need. We work together, we grow together, we succeed together. We're a quick drive from your Saline, Dexter or Chelsea neighborhood. 


What's the difference between coaching and mentorship?

Coaches spin dry you and load on stressful and potentially harmful workouts. We're in it for the long haul!

Fitness is a lifestyle. We help guide you on your journey using health science, fine-tuned body measurement machines, and the top in-industry technology. Ticker Fitness uses real data from your body to form-fit a program tailored just for YOU at our Ann Arbor gym.

Basically, we help you achieve long term results!


We all want lasting results!

Ticker provides a long-term sustainable fitness program aimed at improving health and performance based on your individualistic metabolism and relative intensity. Ticker’s progressive metabolically paced programming will not induce unnecessary stress or strain, but will instead teach you how to adapt and prosper while training or living your biggest and best life outside of the gym!


Our programs are designed to educate, train, and show you how to properly measure your results. With advanced technology systems like PNOE™️  and SelfLoops™️, we make sure you get more than a visit to the gym. You get long lasting results!

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